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What is Tennis Bet?

Tennis Bet is a free-to-play social betting platform where users can bet on real sports. By playing users get the chance to win some great prizes, different prizes are worth different amounts and we hope that you'll be able to win at least one prize within your first week of playing at Tennis Bet. And it doesn't stop there, we also offer betting information and tips on all major matches in our exclusive betting previews.

Is Tennis Bet really free?

Yes Tennis Bet is free, really! In fact, it is actually impossible for you to deposit or withdraw money from Tennis Bet.  All that is required is that the user signs up and if they want to exchange for a prize they must fill in their real name/address details.

How do I sign up?

Simply click on any of the sign up buttons and fill in as much information as you want to.  The minimum we ask for is a working email address but if you are aiming to save for prizes you must enter your real name and address.  Remember to check your email to confirm your account or you will not be able to login (sometimes these emails can go to your junk folder so remember to check there as well).

How does Tennis Bet work?

Tennis Bet has the virtual currency: Tennis Bet Dollar (TB$) which is given to each user for completing various tasks.  When you sign up you get 500 TB$ to start you off and then every day you visit the site, you get another top-up. This top-up starts at 200 TB$ a day but there are ways of increasing it.

You can spend this TB$ on any of the different social betting games on Tennis Bet and every time you place a bet on our social betting platform (see betting options below) you gain stars.  Stars are our virtual currency used to purchase prizes from the shop.

For every 100 TB$ you bet you gain 1 star.  Some restrictions apply (we have to do this otherwise you would all win so many stars that we wouldn't be able to give you any prizes!).

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If you bet at odds of below 2.00 you will receive fewer stars. This is calculated using a sliding scale. So for betting at 1.90 you will receive 90% of the number of stars you would have received if you had bet at 2.00 or higher. However, if you were to bet at odds of 1.10 then you would receive 10% of the number of stars you would have received if you had bet at 2.00 or higher. 

The following table aims to explain this:

Bet Odds Stars
1,000 5.00  10
1,000 2.00  10
1,000 1.9  9
1,000 1.6  6
1,000 1.5   5
1,000 1.25  2.5
1,000 1.01  0.1

The cost of items in the shop vary, with smaller items starting at around 100 stars and for bigger items the cost can go up as high as 20,000 stars.

What betting options are there at Tennis Bet?

Currently we only have 1 type of free to play betting at Tennis Bet, this are:

All of our products are developed in house and the odds for our sports betting product are all compiled internally.  We even offer odds on events that the bookmakers simply would not offer (If there is an event that you want to bet on and we don't have it covered then let us know and we'll get a market up for you)!

What is the payout on Tennis Bet's games?

Tennis Bet generally aims to run at an 85%-90% payout rate for all the games.  This may seem slightly worse than some casinos but because your star balance increases with every bet, any closer to 100% would mean we could not give away any prizes.

I keep on running out of TB$, how do I get more?

There are numerous ways of getting more TB$ to bet with. The following methods are worth 200 TB$ and can only be done once.

N.B. These bonuses are all given out manually so when you follow or like us remember to send us a quick message to let us know you have done so. It might take us a little while but keep pestering us and we'll make sure you get your bonus!

The daily reload is the easiest way to get more TB$, just login once per day and you get 200 TB$ (every day).

We have recently launched Promo Codes which are designed to supplement your TB$ balance and are available on our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Thank you for reading this FAQ, here is a Promo Code worth 500 TB$!


How does Tennis Bet make money?

Tennis Bet partners with various betting websites to provide rewards for users.  We give users the ability to win free bets with these websites so that users can try them out without having to deposit real money.

How quickly are bets settled?

This sometimes depends on what is being settled but rest assured we have a dedicated team who work to settle events as soon as they possibly can be. 

Whilst we work hard to settle events as soon as possible after an event has finished it can, at times take a few hours for that event to be settled. So please do be patient, however, if an event hasn't been settled and it is more than a few hours after the event has ended then please do contact us to let us know and we will settle it as quickly as possible.

Where is my betting history?

Every bet you place on Tennis Bet is recorded and is available to view in your “My Account” section.  The betting history itself is split into game types for ease of use:

As well as viewing your betting history you can also view your transactions which includes everything you spend or receive.  These can range from amount spent on a sports bet, your daily reload or something you purchased from the shop.

What are the betting rules?

Sometimes funny things happen in sports. Here are some examples:

In situations like that often no one really knows how the bets should be settled. We therefore have a comprehensive list of rules. If it is strange that we haven't covered it then we'll try to do the fairest thing we can think of in the scenario. 

Please see our betting rules page for general betting rules.

Can I request an event or market which you do not offer?

Please let us know right away if we do not cover the event or market (or even sport!) that you are interested in betting on.  We always listen to our users and expanding our sports betting product something we are always eager to do.

Are all the people listed on the site real?

Yes, very much so!  Our leaderboards and bet watcher show real bets by real people, as they happen.  We are always interested in new ways of how to show this “real people” data so please do contact us if you have any ideas.

I am only interested in real betting, why should I sign up?

We don’t only offer betting for free, we also offer a number of betting previews which discuss in detail the real betting odds on tennis. These previews will hopefully make sure that you have the best bets possible and also let you know which bookmakers offer the best odds.

Our authors are all sports betting experts and reading their advice in our betting previews can give you the edge you need when taking on the bookmakers. We have good relationships with all the major bookmakers and will often be sending out exclusive deals to our users via our newsletters.

I don't understand betting at all. Can Tennis Bet help?

Of course we can.  We have a few articles on understanding betting in general and are working on a selection of tutorial videos about our own betting product.

At a very low level sports betting is deciding which team (or person) will win an event. Odds differ for different teams, so if a team is likely to win then their odds will be low (so you will earn less profit on your bet) but if a team is unlikely to win then their odds will be high (and you will earn a bigger profit from your bet). The best betters therefore work out which teams have their odds too high and then bet on them to win rather than just working out which team will win. We use decimal odds on Tennis Bet because they are the most easy to understand.

The closer something is to 1.00 the more likely it is to happen, or so the bookmaker thinks!  The decimal odds are simply multiplied by your stake to get how much you would win in total for a bet

A few examples:

  • Bet 100 TB$ @ 1.00 – Receive back: 100 TB$
    These odds are really, really low so it means its certain to happen. 100 TB$ x 1.00 = 100 TB$.

  • Bet 100 TB$ @ 2.75 – Receive back: 275 TB$
    Very much as easy as multiplying the stake by the odds! 100 TB$ x 2.75 = 275 TB$.

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