Each Way Betting

In many of our betting previews you will see that we advise an each way bet when advising on which player to be betting on to win a tournament. An each way bet consists of two separate bets, a win bet and a place bet....

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Match Fixing in Tennis

It is very difficult in tennis to tell when a player is giving his all. Now that betting on tennis has become extremely popular the ATP have had to make rules to stop players not giving their best efforts. It is...

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Tennis Betting Rules

Bookmakers have different rules on when a bet is voided if a player retires from the match. Those bookmakers are divided into the following groups: Only one serve is required in the match, meaning that if a player...

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Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis court surfaces can have a major impact on matches and so must be taken into account when betting. Players must pay attention to how the ball will react on particular surfaces in order to alter their tactics...

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When betting on tennis you must take into account weather conditions. Tournaments take place all over the globe, some matches are played indoors but there are plenty that can be affected by the weather outdoors. Wind:...

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Betting Previews

US Open 2013: Women’s Winner Odds and Betting Preview

2013-08-26 08:33:56 - NEW YORK, USA - Serena Williams is the most dominant force in woman's tennis and the American icon goes in search of her fifth US Open title over the coming fortnight as...

US Open 2013: Men’s Winner Odds and Betting Preview

2013-08-25 21:27:55 - NEW YORK, USA - The final tennis Grand Slam of 2013 gets underway at Flushing Meadows on Monday and following Andy Murray' sensational victory at Wimbledon the British...

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